Dropit - Ctera

DropIt – The UL Cloud

DropIt is available only for University of Luxembourg staff.

DropIt – the UL Cloud is a scalable cloud service delivery platform that enables you to share, sync and backup your files using a computer or a mobile device.

The servers and the storage we are using are located within the UL network.

Do you

  • need an easy and quick way to share a file with someone else outside the University Network?
  • need files from your (main) computer on multiple devices, like your tablet, mobile phone or laptop, and don’t want to manually synchronize them?
  • need to backup important files which are stored locally on your computer?
  • have no desire to put your research or private files on an unsecured/public cloud where you don’t have any idea who has at the end access to these files?

If your answer was at least once yes. Well then, use DropIt – The UL cloud drive!

If you need more information, please create a ticket on https://service.uni.lu

If you want to access your files from a mobile device like iPad/iPhone/Android, please look in the respective stores for “Ctera”: