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OASYS is LUCET’s in-house computer- and web-based (mobile) testing and assessment platform. The platform has been carefully designed around business processes, following a human-computer interaction (HCI) approach. Although OASYS has been primarily designed as an online assessment system, the client can also run in an app with a server installation on a laptop and a mobile Wi-Fi access point. Since 2014, OASYS is also the platform of choice for the FLSHASE Student Course Evaluation.
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The aim of the Student Course Evaluation (CE) is to develop and maintain high quality learning experiences for all students, and the CE procedure is designed and implemented to help the various categories of staff involved in teaching and related activities (i.e., instructors, course directors, the Dean and Vice-Dean) achieve this goal. Since its inception in 2009, the FLSHASE CE procedure has been empirically tested and scientifically validated over a period of years and produces verifiably stable results.
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