Narrated Presentation

What is a Narrated Presentation?

A narrated PowerPoint presentation that plays automatically is an easy way to create a multimedia presentation. The narration provides the details, allowing you to use images, graphs, maps, etc. as the primary content of your slides instead of text. Narrations and timings can enhance a web-based or self-running slide show.

Pedagogical benefits

If you send a presentation on its own, your audience may flip through the slides and miss the point. But if you can add narration to your presentation, you have the chance to reinforce your key points.

1. Scaffold learning
Narrated presentations can highlight elements of a lesson or module that students should be paying particular attention to, providing important scaffolding for learning.

2. Dynamic content
Narrated presentations are an easy way to add variety and engaging content to online courses.

3. Previous week summary
Narrated presentations can be used to summarize the lessons of the previous week and introduce / tie-in the current week.

4. Upcoming week
Narration can be a powerful bridge tying in one week’s material with what students will be doing in the following weeks. Narrations can also place the current week in perspective relative to the remaining weeks of a semester.

5. Discussion Boards
Presentations may be used to introduce or frame the topic of the week’s discussion.

6. Assessments
Narrated presentations can give effective overviews of assessment items and any needed instructions, such paper guidelines or project parameters. Use narrated presentations to keep students on target for completing assignments.

7. Connect with students
Narrated presentations convey important communication cues and emphasis not present in print material.
Most importantly, narrated presentations are an effective way of connecting with your online students. Strong connections with your students help build motivation and satisfaction, both key components in online student success.