Why use animation in higher education?

Animations can be very useful to explain and simplify complex mechanisms in various contexts. It can be an effective tool in teaching and learning. Below you’ll find two examples in which animation can be incorporated in teaching.

Example 1

In this case, the course was given in French and English. The students who were not fluent in French would had sometimes difficulties to follow the lecture. The idea was to record the lecture in English and animate the content of the lecture. In this way, the lecturer could teach in French (face-to-face) and after the lecture the same content was available for the students in Moodle in English.

Lecturer: Ingrid de Saint-Georges / Course: Introduction to Ethnography

Example 2

In this case, the animation is supposed to help students understand concepts of a taxonomy. Students should read the “Leclercq & Poumay (2005)” paper and watch the animations before attending the seminar where they will be asked to apply these concepts (flipped classroom).

Lecturer: Bob Reuter; Gilbert Busana / Course: Education in the Digital Age